Introduction to the next big Layer-1, Zenon Network : altcoin



Incentivised network announcement:


Everything you need to know about ZNN


Based Bitcointalk announcement

Syrius Zenon wallet introduction

based anon explanation What is it: Incredibly fast, almost infinitely scalable state-of-the-art DLT. It combines the block-lattice architecture that was first(?) used by Raiblocks/Nano with a DAG that exists as a separate layer for the consensus. The block-lattice handles the transactions. It’s going to be used to scale Web3 dapps as a L1, and also process transactions as a L2 chain.

Who does it: This is an independent, open-source project and will probably be run by a foundation similar to Ethereum and Cardano, but I’m about 99.5% sure its backed by Square. I can enumerate the zillions of times they have hinted as such if I really have to here, but you can search for old biz posts on Zenon here and also on Warosu.

Square will likely use it to scale Bitcoin transactions where the default payment for merchants and Cashapp users is made in BTC, and then they can set it to dollars or pounds or whatever afterwards.

Its open source and not owned by Square, like how Node.js isn’t owned by Google but has wide adoption. They’ll easily recruit 1000s of legacy web apps for this bc no code changes are needed, and also dapps on Ethereum will easily switch over.

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