LTO and VIDT the future of data protection : altcoin


$LTO and $VIDT

LTO partnered with VIDT are becoming the leading blockchain for document fraud protection in the world, and can potentially stop a multi-billion dollar a year criminal enterprise of document fraud

LTO is Europes leading front to back business to business blockchain and is fully decentralized

LTO is GDPR (general data protection regulations) complaint (european and uk rules of data protection) any outside country that works with a company within the EU or the UK must comply

LTO recently got a deal with the united nations for land registry in Afghanistan

LTO and VIDT are Anchored to the BSC, BTC and ETH and LTO networks and have a partnership with chainlink so its compatible with any defi project as well

LTO has 403 million tokens, a good burn system and real world revenue from its customers they need to use LTO tokens to use the LTO network

LTO is on its way to be and has already been adapted by major EU and UK companies plus major Canadian and American companies


They take a digital fingerprint of every upload to the LTO blockchain that records every single pixel so once it gets sent if even one pixel gets altered it will be detected, its just as accurate as fingerprints

VIDT got added to the NFT coins on CMC

They use VIDT to verify documents, certificates, invoices, diplomas and any other digital data with their “fingerprint technology” all the way to NFT’s, vintage coins and artwork, rolex, ap, patek all high end watches and jewelry and even to verify diamonds which is big apparently, all done with macro photos of specific parts which are uploaded to the blockchain to be used for verification

VIDT has its own tokenomics

VIDT had 100,000,000 coins, except they do monthly burnings, buy backs from whales, and have burned nearly 50 million since they started and 6 million in the last 18 months

VIDT makes real world revenue as well, They have 12 million coins locked for their customers that well never go into circulation, companies like airbus defence and space (literally makes futuristic state of the art fighter jets and military aircraft carriers for multiple different country’s recently built canada a state of the art search and rescue plane and they make space ships and parts for the iss) and then chevron, BP, Exxon mobil, amspec, some of the biggest oil and gas companies in the world, plus universities, IBM, a super yacht company, a company that deals with only Lamborghinis and Ferraris and other high end super/hyper cars, these companies have to buy monthly bundles of tokens because each verification requires tokens for its fee then the coins go back to the main supply wallet of 12 million so there is a constant circulation of these token for customers use

So once they burn majority of the coins and those companies drive the price by reusing their customer supply over and over then one day whatever we hold could be worth a lot

LTO and VIDT are easily on their way to becoming the leader for document security just like how SSL became for secure websites

Also document fraud is the worlds third largest criminal activity worth billions ever year, with those huge names behind them i honestly think they won the race to stop document fraud, any other huge company well have to go with them not only because they are anchored on the BSC, BTC, ETH and LTO networks and have a partnership with chainlink to be compatible with any defi project but also because it would be like visa or mastercard using an ethereum killer over ethereum it would be too risky for them at this point with LTO/VIDT customer base and progress



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