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As you’ve probably noticed by now, RavenX (RX) boasts what is perhaps the most solid fundamentals in the BSC sector right now. In less than 2 weeks, the team and community have accomplished some incredible things:

  • Donated over $500k to Binance Charity; completed transparent, automatic donation (no 3rd party, no team members handling the funds), AND Binance Charity is tweeting their support and thanks for the project. This is huge.

  • Put their money where their mouth is; The team issued a community vote to determine transaction fees going forward. The community overwhelmingly chose to increase the donation to 5%, creating a fast track to $1M donated. With enough holders, a Binance listing is absolutely feasible. The team has the funds ready, they just need more investors to join!

  • Whitebit listing goes LIVE on Thursday! Excellent time to buy before a big pop after listing.

  • A MASSIVE marketing campaign to coincide with Whitebit listing

  • Grown to over 13k holders. This is increasing rapidly! The best news? The current Market Cap is ONLY $7.5M!!

Most people don’t realize that the price of a token isn’t what’s important. It’s the growth potential, because it’s all about percentages. What happens if a coin has a $50B market cap and you own a trillion of these things? Nothing, in almost all cases. It’s been tapped out. It’s going to go dowwwwn before any growth!

This is not so with RavenX (RX). Why? Because the supply is sitting at just 430M. The market cap is only $7.5M. The current price is only $0.015. No, you’re not gonna get 468 million gazillion coins. THAT DOESN’T MATTER.

What matters is the viability to grow. And to 50x from a $7.5M market cap means the price of a coin will only need to reach $0.75. What does that mean for the market cap? It only needs to reach $375M.

Yes. You heard me right. ONLY $375 MILLION TO 50X.

That’s freaking pennies guys n gals.

And you don’t need to drop a million to get there. Imagine how quickly this will happen if 100k are on board! It’s almost unbelievable that more people havent jumped on this by now!!

Anyways, back to some accomplishments.

  • 2 audits completed, and CERTIK audit has been ongoing! Should be done within a week.

  • AMAZING new website coming. Trust me, it’s gonna be fire.

  • TONS of PR and published articles are out there…and many aren’t even promoted! Just genuine news about a fantastic project making major strides.

Trust me when I say, this team is FULL of action. FULL of motivation. And the community is INCREDIBLE. There is no BS around there, at all.

I’ve looked into hundreds of “projects” and RavenX (RX) is the ONLY ONE that checks the block for both short term growth, longevity, and safety. This is the real deal!

https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/raven-x https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/raven-x/

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