“Buy when there’s blood in the streets”


This sub gets a lot of random shill posts. I’m not here to be another one of those.

Asset tokenisation is a sector that not only provides fundamentals to your holdings, but outperforms during a bear market.

If you haven’t checked out Smartlands (SLT) yet, then I highly recommend doing so:

smartlands.io / slt.finance (whitepaper)


I’m not going to go over the 32 Fundamental Reasons why SLT is an amazing buy, but instead point to three highly relevant ones today:

  1. Real Use Case of the asset tokenisation businesses that Smartlands are preparing, with the first four properties already live and Ukraine digital asset laws being pushed forward faster than expected, gives you the best chance of weathering through any bear market.

  2. SLT Staking Returns have been estimated at around $7 per SLT / per $1bil tokenised. Let’s say this was a bit generous, even, but what it means is that every SLT you buy now will likely see 100%+ yield per $1bil tokenised.

  3. Wallet + Staking is coming in the near future. Once the whole project is running, with the first assets tokenised and buy bot doing its thing to provide for staking, the engine will start to purrrr and pick up speed. It’s almost here, just hold on that little bit longer and don’t be spooked by the market conditions right now.

Smartlands have opened the gate with $20mil of real estate for tokenisation, before they add other asset classes, secondary markets, and partner platforms. The yield potential here for passive income is massive.

The team have stated that $1bil tokenised is their near term goal, which even if that means in the first two years… would still be a 50%+ APY for any SLT bought today.

Don’t miss out on that opportunity. See you on the other side!

p.s. I’m going to have those who think this is all too optimistic, which is fine. But don’t let the naysayers get you down. There’s good reason to be hopeful and set yourself up with a fantastic passive income yield opportunity. One that you can compound through the bear market, if that’s what it takes, as your fiat value received is not dependent on the token price.

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