Dogey-Inu – $DINU – “I am become Dinu, Destroyer of S&P” – Just Listed on CoinGecko – Full security audit


Released April 21, 2021. Dogey-Inu has an active team that is marketing, answering questions, and creating an atmosphere for growth.

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$DINU features a liquidity lock through Unicrypt that does not become available until the year 2100. This helps create a worry-free environment in the community and reduces the ability for any one party to damage the ecosystem dramatically.


Another feature of $DINU includes a supply burn of 60% sent directly to Vitalik upon creation. This reduces available supply, allows transacting with fewer decimal places, and further helps reduce the ability for anyone party to hurt the ecosystem. Initially, when VB decided to donate $SHIB supply for charity; many were worried. This proved to be extremely valuable in terms of the community as it helped solidify their position in the world. Now featured on every major media station in the world because of Vitalik’s actions. We hope that one day we can prove this type of value to the world.


As mentioned in the title we are just over one month old. The team does not pay for any type of promotion or volume boosting as many, many other tokens are currently. The community is strictly focused on organic, natural growth. This will reduce the “pump and dump” style of chart often seen with other Inus. Although currently just a simple “meme” token, Dogey-Inu hopes to contribute to the crypto world far more than just a simple copy/paste swap, or other gimmicks that many other Inus rely on. Products aren’t promised to pump price, when we release our official whitepaper and dapp when it is finished and cleared by the auditor, then we would feel comfortable announcing a product. Our ultimate goal is to onboard “no-coiners” into the crypto sphere. Creating an atmosphere to help those new to crypto and harbor mass adoption.

Other Info

Airdrops of $DINU were given to the top 1000 $SHIB wallets, as a way to show appreciation for the effect that the project and their tokenomics have had on the community. They are at the forefront of mass adoption among no-coiners and meme tokens on Ethereum.

$DINU’s only liquidity pools include Uniswap v2/v3. The primary pool is located on Uniswap v3 which is currently not tracked on many sites, so be sure to check us out on their official site (As an example, Dextools only displays V2 liquidity).

If you’re a fan of small-cap community-driven projects that have stable, consistent growth we are here for you! Even if only a small amount, increasing our holders is extremely valuable at this phase. Once we hit a certain level of holders/telegram members we will be a force to be reckoned with!


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