Thursday, October 28, 2021

CryptoCardz are exciting, animated NFTs that are the FIRST complete set of Special Edition NFTs listed on OpenSea, Rarible and Satoshi.Art! They’re considered as ‘The Next Bitcoin….In card Form” and each card is individually designed, minted and focus group tested to yield the highest value displaying preeminent visual effects. They’re part of a Limited Edition series of 111 – The numerical sign for manifestation and prosperity.

The first of 5 cards (“Fiery Nightmare”) during week 1, will drop on Tuesday April 6th at 9am PST on Satoshi.Art having only 5 minted options (First, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Editions). 1 new card will be released every subsequent day that week (Wednesday: “Cyborg Shocker”, Thursday “Skull Crusher” etc) and each card will be entered into an auction. Everyone who places a successful bid on ANY of the CryptoCardz, will automatically be entered into a drawing to win a Brand new iPhone 12! The whole series consists of 111 different cards and each week, a new set of 5 cards will be released (1 new card each day of the week, with the opening bid being ETH .0111 or approximately $20). Collect ‘em all! If you like giving back, another great reason to bid is that 11.1% of every original sale will be donated to the #Walk2EndAlz (Alzheimer’s) charity and this amount will be added on to by a famous celebrity each week!

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